What Time Should You Not Wash Clothes Laundry Superstitions of Bad Luck to Wash Clothe and Save Energy Tips

What Time Should You Not Wash Clothes? Laundry Superstitions of Bad Luck to Wash Clothe and Save Energy Tips

Doing laundry is a common household chore. But did you know that according to superstition, there are certain days and times when it’s considered bad luck to wash clothes?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what time should you not wash clothes and common laundry superstitions worldwide. Discover which days you should avoid running the washing machine and why some believe laundry at specific times brings bad luck.

We’ll also provide tips for the best times to wash your clothes to save energy and money. Let’s delve into the fascinating folklore around the best time to wash clothes in the laundry!

When is it Bad Luck to Wash Clothes?

Many laundry superstitions stem from old wives’ tales, cultural beliefs, and religious traditions. While the reasoning may not be scientific, generations have followed these laundry taboos to avoid tempting fate.

So when is it considered bad luck to wash clothes? Here are some of the most common laundry days to steer clear of according to superstition:

Chinese New Year

According to Chinese tradition, laundry is forbidden for the first two days of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

This stems from the belief that washing clothes will wash away good luck for the coming year. As Chinese New Year marks the birthday of the water god, doing laundry is seen as incredibly disrespectful during this time.

New Year’s Day

Laundry on New Year’s Day is considered terrible luck in many European countries.

For example, Italians believe that washing clothes on January 1st will wash away a loved one. In Germany, laundry left overnight is considered a death omen for someone in the house.

Good Friday

Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. For many Catholics, doing laundry on this holy day is sacrilegious.

In addition, some believe Friday laundry invites bad spirits. So it’s best to avoid washing clothes on Fridays year-round.

When Should You Wash Clothes According to Superstition?

Now you know which days to avoid running the washing machine! But what about the best laundry days? Here are some preferred wash days according to folklore, which may bring luck to wash your clothes.

  • Mondays – Hanging laundry to dry on Mondays is said to make them whiter and cleaner, maybe it’s the best time to wash clothes?
  • Early mornings – Washing early avoids angering household spirits that roam at night.
  • Full moon – Using moonlight to dry clothes outdoors results in fresh, bright laundry.

Washing midweek, during daylight hours, and under bright skies are your best bets for good laundry luck! It might be the best time to wash clothes.

Other Laundry Superstitions and Omens

Beyond lucky wash days, cultures around the world have special laundry rituals and beliefs:

  • In Bosnia, underwear shouldn’t be hung to dry inside out. It’s said to imply the household will experience a death.
  • Finding a spider in the laundry means money is coming your way.
  • Accidentally shrinking or discoloring clothes foretells bad karma approaching.
  • Laundry falling off the line signifies a negative change in the household.
  • Never gift someone sheets or towels. It implies bad fortune will visit them.

As you can see, laundry, and especially the luck to wash your clothes on certain days, lends itself well to superstitious beliefs! So be mindful of these peculiar omens around washing clothes on certain days.

What Time Should You Not Wash Clothes? Deciding The Best Options

Doing laundry during off-peak hours can also save money on expensive energy bills. Here’s when machines typically use less energy:

Late nights/Early mornings

Running large appliances outside high demand between 7-11 am and 4-8 pm uses less energy. Program cycles to finish before or start after these times when you feel ready to wash your clothes.

Cooler temperatures

Laundry appliances work harder to heat water and dry clothes on hot days. Wash when daytime highs are under 80°F to reduce energy.


Weekend and holiday laundry takes advantage of lower peak rates. Time it around off-peak hours for maximum savings!

Newer washers

Look for ENERGY STAR-certified washers manufactured after 2015. Their improved technology and standards provide superior efficiency.

Tips to Save Energy Doing Laundry

Beyond timing, there are easy ways to cut electricity and water usage on laundry day:

  • Wash your clothes with cold water – Skip hot/warm washer settings to save up to 60% on water heating costs. Detergents are now cleaned in cool water.
  • Air dry clothes – Hanging laundry to dry cuts a dryer’s electricity usage by 75%.
  • Wash full loads – Get the most efficiency from each cycle by not washing partially filled machines and find the best time to wash clothes.
  • Use short cycles – Match settings like water level and spin speed to load size. The shortest cycle cleans small batches well.
  • Always clean the lint filter when you’re going to wash your clothes. – Prevent blockages so dryers can run shorter cycles without overheating.
  • Upgrade appliances – When buying new, prioritize efficiency ratings over features or style.

Follow these practical tips to keep energy bills trim while still getting the best laundry done. Who needs superstitions when smart planning does the job?

Laundry Superstitions By Country

Laundry folklore, including beliefs about the best time to wash clothes, manifests uniquely across cultures. So let’s look at some interesting wash day beliefs from around the globe:


  • Don’t hang white sheets to dry at night or death awaits!
  • Adding a pinch of salt to the rinse aids in removing stains.
  • Black cats hiding in laundry baskets signal upcoming wealth.


  • On New Year’s Day, washing clothes signifies cleaning away all the good fortune accumulated the prior year.
  • Washing bed linens used for someone who just passed guarantees they’ll return as a ghost to haunt you.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • If the first visitor of the year is a woman, the home is sure to have bad luck all year long.
  • Having dirty laundry visible when guests visit brings shame and misfortune to the household.


  • Washing and especially wringing out laundry is strictly forbidden on New Year’s Day to prevent washing away good luck.
  • Laundry dried on New Year’s holds clues to events in the coming year using divination.


  • On New Year’s Eve, do a final load of laundry symbolizing washing away all the bad luck and troubles from the old year.
  • If a woman does laundry on New Year’s Day, she’ll have bad luck and be unmarried for another year.

Clearly, people have strong convictions about laundry based on cultural lore and legends!

Does Laundry Bring Bad Luck?

While superstitions can be fun, educated minds understand there’s no real supernatural link between laundry and luck or omens.

Some argue taboos around washing stemmed from practical wisdom:

  • Religious wash day bans respect holidays.
  • Cold weather drying warnings prevent illness, so it’s best to wash and dry your clothes on certain warm days.
  • Lint filter reminders counter fire hazards.

Other superstitions likely began entertaining tall tales that spiraled into tradition. Of course, to the highly superstitious, tempting fate with laundry seems risky business best avoided!

But for modern minds, let reason guide wash days. Scheduling laundry smartly provides the most control over outcomes. And isn’t a sparkling clean wardrobe what really matters anyway?

FAQs About Laundry Superstitions

Q: When are the worst times to do laundry in terms of cost?

Peak electricity hours: These typically fall between 4pm and 8pm, when everyone rushes home and appliances crank up. Avoid washing during these times for lower energy bills.

Drought-stricken areas: Check local water restrictions and designated laundry days to avoid fines and conserve precious resources.

Q: What about delicate fabrics and colorful clothes?

Fragile fabrics: Don’t wash silks, wools, and other delicate pieces during busy laundry days when you might rush the process. Dedicate specific times for them to ensure proper care.

Color bleeding: Hold off on washing vibrant separates during peak laundry hours to avoid dye transfer onto other garments.

Q: Are there any cultural superstitions about laundry timing?

Night-time washing: In some cultures, like India, washing clothes at night is considered bad luck. Respecting these beliefs can avoid unnecessary tension.

Thursday blues: In Bosnia, some believe Thursdays are unlucky for laundry. Check local traditions and be mindful of others’ beliefs.

Q: Any other times to avoid the laundry room?

Scorching summers: Wait until the sun sets to wash on very hot days, as running hot appliances can burden your cooling system and energy bill.

Late-night peacekeepers: Consider your neighbors! Choose daytime hours or quieter appliances to avoid noise disturbances.

Q: Are there any quick laundry tips to save time and resources?

Check your washing machine manual: Learn optimal cycle times and energy usage for different fabrics. You might be surprised how quickly some items can be cleaned effectively.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances: Upgrade your washer and dryer for models with lower energy consumption, saving you money and helping the environment.

Remember: The “best” time to wash depends on your personal needs, energy rates, and cultural considerations. Choose timing that optimizes efficiency, saves resources, and keeps your garments and peace of mind intact. Happy laundry days!

Key Takeaways on Laundry Superstitions

  • Many cultures have laundry customs warning against washing clothes on religious holidays, special occasions, or during mythical events to avoid misfortune.
  • While the exact origin of laundry superstitions is unknown, some likely began from practical wisdom while others entertain tall tales spiraled from lore.
  • To the highly superstitious, tempting laundry taboos seem too risky to ignore. But rational minds can balance practical timing with tradition or lore.
  • Scheduling laundry based on peak energy usage, efficient settings, and appliance limits provides the most control over costs and results.

So embrace good sense as the best solution for tackling laundry rather than overly worrying about superstition about the best time to wash clothes and old wives’ tales!

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