Can I Wash Period Underwear With Other Clothes Guide to Wash Your Period Underwear Completely

Can I Wash Period Underwear With Other Clothes? Guide to Wash Your Period Underwear Completely

Period underwear is revolutionizing feminine hygiene. The innovative, absorbent fabric helps contain leaks while feeling dry and comfortable against your skin. But caring for your reusable undies requires a delicate balance – you need to wash them to remove stains and bacteria but can’t compromise the material.

So, the big question is: can i wash period underwear with other clothes? Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn the best practices for washing period underwear to optimize their performance and longevity.

Why Use Period Underwear?

Before diving into the care instructions, let’s review the key benefits of switching to reusable period panties:

  • Enhanced comfort: The technical fabric with layers of absorbency feels smooth and soft on your skin, unlike bulky pads and tampons. The flexible material also moves with your body.
  • Leak protection: The built-in lining captures period blood, urine, and other light bladder leaks before any accidents occur. This helps you feel secure and worry-free!
  • Eco-friendly: Reusable undies prevent tons of disposable period products from ending up in landfills each year. They are a sustainable solution you can feel good about.
  • Cost savings: Although the initial investment is higher, you save money over time by avoiding monthly tampon/pad purchases. Plus, the underwear lasts for years with proper care.

Now that you know why reusable period panties are worth it, let’s get into the specifics of washing them…

How Should You Wash Period Underwear?

Can You Wash Them With Other Clothes?

This is a controversial topic without definitive right/wrong answers. Some people have no issues washing their period undies with regular laundry. But certain precautions can optimize hygiene and prevent early damage.

Here is a quick overview of the key considerations:

  • Wash in cool water to preserve elasticity and avoid shrinking
  • Use a gentle, fragrance-free detergent to protect technical fabrics
  • Don’t use fabric softener or bleach as this can compromise absorbency
  • Wash soon after wearing to avoid stains setting in
  • Hand-washing is ideal to maximize longevity but machine washing works too

Now, let’s explore those tips in more detail.

Water Temperature

Hot water can damage the fabrics and membranes designed to pull moisture away from your body and absorb flows. Lukewarm or cool water is best for getting period underwear clean while retaining structural integrity.

Aim for about 30°C if machine washing. And use cold water for rinsing stained underwear by hand before laundering to loosen and prevent setting.

Type of Detergent

Harsh chemicals found in many mainstream laundry detergents can irritate intimate areas and degrade high-performance fabrics over time. That’s why a mild, fragrance-free formula specially designed for delicates is optimal.

Look for plant-based ingredients and avoid dyes, artificial fragrances, and brightening optical brighteners. Try detergents made for babies or by underwear brands using similar technical materials.

Avoid Fabric Softeners and Bleach

The absorbent layers woven into period panties are specially engineered to wick fluid away from your skin. Fabric softeners and bleach can coat the fibers and degrade this performance. So you’re better off skipping these additives.

Without fabric softener, some find their underwear may feel crunchy post-wash. To naturally soften, add a half cup of baking soda or white vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Wash Soon After Wearing

It’s best to rinse and wash period underwear shortly after wearing – not letting it sit dirty for days on end before cleaning. The sooner you can treat any stains and wash away bacteria, the better.

Hand-washing first is advisable to avoid setting stains before machine washing. But even just letting your period panties soak in cool water after wearing helps loosen blood clots and fluids.

Hand-Washing vs. Machine Washing

While the washing machine works in a pinch, over time, the vigorous agitation and spinning can degrade elasticity and the moisture-wicking membrane. That’s why hand-washing is the gold standard, supporting the long-lasting performance of your undies.

To hand wash, fill a sink or tub with cool water and a small amount of delicate detergent. Let them soak for 30 minutes up to a few hours if heavily soiled. Then gently swish and massage out stains without vigorous scrubbing before a cold water rinse until the water runs clear. Lay flat or hang to dry.

However, for time-strapped people machine washing period panties with similar colors can get the job done. Just be sure to:

  • Use a lingerie bag to protect hardware like snaps and zippers
  • Wash on the delicate or hand-wash cycle with other delicates
  • Line dry or machine dry on low if in a hurry
  • Avoid washing every day to maximize longevity

Now that we’ve covered the washing basics let’s dive into some extra considerations…

Can I Wash Period Underwear With Other Clothes

Period underwear has become a popular and sustainable alternative to traditional period products, but one question often pops up: can I wash them with my regular clothes? The short answer is yes, with a few caveats.

Why the Hesitation?

The concern stems from the natural worry about staining other clothes and hygiene. However, period underwear is designed to be absorbent and leak-proof, meaning the mess stays contained within the specialized layers.

Best Practices for Washing Period Underwear with Other Clothes:

  • Pre-rinse: Before tossing your period underwear in the hamper, give them a quick rinse in cold water to remove excess blood and discharge. This prevents staining and makes the main wash cycle easier.
  • Cold Wash: Hot water can set blood stains, so opt for a cold or cool water wash cycle. This is gentler on the fabric and ensures thorough cleaning without the risk of setting stains.
  • Delicate Cycle or Mesh Bag: Period underwear, while sturdy, still benefits from the gentle touch of a delicate cycle. Alternatively, use a mesh laundry bag to protect them from snags and preserve their lifespan.
  • Regular Detergent: No need for fancy products! Your usual laundry detergent will suffice for cleaning period underwear. Avoid fabric softeners, as they can affect the absorbency.
  • Skip the High Heat: Tumble drying on low heat is okay, but air drying is best. High heat can damage delicate fabrics and shorten the lifespan of your period underwear.

Bonus Tips:

  • Check the Care Label: Always refer to the manufacturer’s care label for specific washing instructions. Some brands might have additional recommendations.
  • Treat Heavy Stains: If you experience heavy bleeding or leaks, pre-treat the stained area with a gentle enzyme stain remover before washing.
  • Wash Dark Colors Together: To be extra cautious about staining, wash your period underwear with other dark-colored clothes.

Benefits of Washing Period Underwear with Other Clothes:

  • Convenience: No need to separate laundry loads! Washing your period underwear with your regular clothes saves time and effort.
  • Hygiene: Proper washing with cold water and detergent effectively removes bacteria and keeps your underwear hygienic.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Combining laundry loads reduces water and energy consumption, making it a more eco-friendly choice.

With proper care and following these best practices, you can confidently wash your period underwear with your regular clothes. This not only saves time and effort but also makes using period underwear even more convenient and sustainable. So go ahead, toss those comfy leak-proof wonders in with your next laundry load and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that comes with a worry-free wash!

I hope this answers your question comprehensively! Let me know if you have any other concerns or would like to delve deeper into any specific aspect of washing period underwear.

Advanced Tips for Washing Period Underwear

Pre-treating Stains

If blood or other difficult stains have set into the material, try pre-treating them before washing:

  • For light stains, soak in cold water first
  • For heavier stains, try an oxygen-based detergent made for blood removal from fabric
  • Hydrogen peroxide or enzymatic cleaners also help break down organic stains without harsh scrubbing

Avoid Washing Every Day

Yes, it may seem counterintuitive for underwear. But washing your reusable period panties daily shortens their lifespan by being too harsh on materials. Unless you experience heavy flows, you can usually wear a pair for 24-36 hours – even longer on lighter days.

Washing every 2 or 3 wears helps your investment go further. Just freshen up with water between full washes as needed.

Have Multiple Pairs

Rotating 5-7 pairs of reusable undies extends their longevity while allowing you ample coverage for changing needs throughout your cycle. Plus, you won’t have to panic if a pair is still drying and your period starts again suddenly.

Consider Garment Wash Bags

Washing bra hooks, hardware, and technical fabrics improperly can damage them over time. Protect zippers, lace, and snaps by washing period panties in a mesh garment bag.

Storing Your Period Underwear Properly

Caring for reusable undies doesn’t stop when they come out of the wash. Practice these storage tips too:

  • Allow underwear to fully dry before wearing or putting it away to prevent mildew growth in drawers
  • Fold neatly or hang if possible to retain elasticity
  • Separate into breathable bins or bags by type to protect delicates
  • Store in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight to prevent fading

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Period Underwear

For easy reference, here is a handy checklist of what to do and avoid when laundering your collection of reusable period panties:


  • Handwash when possible for longevity
  • Wash soon after wearing to prevent stains
  • Use a delicate or fragrance/dye-free detergent
  • Allow to fully dry before wearing or storage
  • Wash similar colors and on delicate cycle
  • Use mesh bags to protect hardware
  • Have 5+ pairs to rotate wearing


  • Wash in hot water that can damage fabrics
  • Use bleach or fabric softeners
  • Wash vigorously daily reducing lifespan
  • Leave heavily stained panties to sit
  • Use harsh detergents that degrade materials
  • Wash delicates with rough fabrics
  • Dry on high heat risking shrinkage


Now that you know the intricacies of properly caring for period panties, what’s the final word on washing them with other garments? The short answer is yes, you technically can in a pinch, such as while traveling.

But for ideal longevity and performance at home, take extra steps. Wash delicates separate from rougher items like jeans to avoid snags. Use mesh bags in communal living situations to protect against staining other’s clothes. Or designate certain cycles or loads just for intimates, including period underwear.

While not an outright no, take care to treat your investment in reusable undies with the gentle process the technical materials require. Ultimately keeping your period panties laundry separate optimizes their lifespan, absorption capacity, stain resistance, and odor-fighting abilities wash after wash.

FAQs: Common Period Underwear

Still, have some unanswered questions about safely washing and wearing reusable period underwear? Explore the most frequently asked queries:

How long should period panties last?

With proper wear and laundering, quality period underwear should deliver up to 2 years of reliable performance. Higher price points reflect better construction and materials that optimize longevity.

Can you put period underwear in the dryer?

Yes, drying your reusable undies in the machine is safe but can shorten their lifespan compared to line or flat drying. If machine drying, use the lowest heat setting possible and remove promptly to avoid over-drying.

How do you get blood stains out of underwear?

Catch stains quickly! First rinse with cold water. For set stains, soak in diluted hydrogen peroxide or enzymatic pre-treater before washing. Don’t aggressively scrub the material.

Can you bleach period underwear?

No! Bleach degrades the performance membrane irreparably. For sanitization, use gentle, plant-based detergents effective against bacteria build-up.

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