Can You Put Bobs Shoes In The Dryer Answering The Question Once And For All

Can You Put Bobs Shoes In The Dryer? Answering The Question Once And For All

Are you wondering if you can put Bobs shoes in the dryer? As a popular brand of casual footwear, Bobs is a versatile shoe that can get dirty easily. Cleaning them properly is important to keep them looking their best.

So what’s the verdict on Can You Put Bobs Shoes In The Dryer? Read on for a detailed guide on washing Bobs shoes, including whether the dryer is safe for them or not. We’ll cover:

  • An Overview of Bobs Shoes
  • Checking If Your Bobs Are Machine Washable
  • How to Wash Bobs Shoes
  • Can You Put Bobs Shoes in the Dryer?
  • Tips for Air Drying Bobs Shoes
  • Using a Skechers Waterproofer Spray
  • Cleaning Other Parts of Bobs Shoes
  • FAQs About Washing Bobs

An Overview of Bobs Shoes

For those not familiar, Bobs are a line of canvas slip-on shoes made by Skechers. Known for their ease of wear, Bobs feature a flat rubber sole and come in low-top and high-top varieties.

Bobs shoes are made of fabric materials like cotton, canvas, and twill. Many styles also have a foam footbed for extra cushioning and comfort. The casual design and affordable price make Bobs a go-to choice for everyday wear.

As a laidback canvas shoe, Bobs tend to get dirty easily from everyday wear. Materials like fabric and cotton can show stains. That’s why it’s good to know the proper way to clean them.

Checking If Your Bobs Are Machine Washable

The first step is to check if your particular pair of Bobs shoes are machine washable.

While many Bobs shoes can go in the washing machine, not all of them can. Some materials like suede and leather cannot get wet without getting damaged.

So check the shoe tag or product details to see if your Bobs are labeled “machine washable.” The tag should provide care instructions on how to properly wash them.

If there are no machine washing instructions, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Stick to spot cleaning by hand instead.

How to Wash Bobs Shoes

For Bobs that are labeled machine washable, washing them in the laundry is a breeze.

Here are the basic steps for how to machine wash Bobs shoes:

  • Remove the laces and removable insoles if possible. This helps them get completely clean.
  • Zip up the shoes in a laundry bag or pillowcase. This protects the fabric and prevents the shoes from knocking around.
  • Wash shoes in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Never use hot water or bleach.
  • Air dry the shoes completely. Do not put machine-washable Bobs shoes in the dryer. The heat can damage or shrink them.
  • Stuff shoes with paper or towels while drying to hold the shape.
  • Replace laces and insoles once fully dry.

Washing by hand is also an option if you don’t want to use the machine. Just use cold water, and gentle soap, and wash gently by hand. Make sure to air dry thoroughly afterward.

So how about the dryer – can you put Bobs shoes in there?

Can You Put Bobs Shoes in the Dryer?

No, machine-washable Bobs shoes should never go in the dryer. The heat and tumbling can damage the materials and cause shoes to warp or shrink.

Even if the fabric upper seems dry after washing, the inner sole or foam footbed will likely still be damp. Putting shoes in the dryer before they are 100% air-dried can ruin the cushioning and structure.

Some key reasons to avoid the dryer include:

  • Heat can degrade fabrics and cause damage
  • Tumbling can distort shoe shape if still damp
  • Foam and inner soles need air drying
  • Adhesives and painted details can melt
  • Shoes may shrink if the heat is too high

So while the washing machine is fine for cleaning Bobs shoes, the dryer is off-limits after washing.

Stick to air drying only to safely dry out your Bobs.

Tips for Air Drying Bobs Shoes

Air drying is the safest way to dry wash Bobs shoes without risking damage. Here are some tips:

  • Stuff shoes with old towels or paper while drying to help them hold their shape.
  • Insert a shoe tree if you have one. This also helps maintain the form.
  • Dry shoes in an airy spot out of direct sunlight. A porch area works well.
  • Position shoes upright rather than laying flat so air circulates inside.
  • Change the paper stuffing if it gets too damp. This speeds up evaporation.
  • Allow 48 hours or more for shoes to fully air dry before wearing them again.
  • Check that all inner sole cushioning feels completely dry before use.

The stuffing helps absorb moisture and keeps the fabric upper from collapsing inward as it dries. Letting shoes fully air dry helps prevent later odor or mold issues.

If despite your best efforts, shoes feel still damp inside after washing, do not put them in the dryer! Continue air drying instead until completely dry.

Using a Skechers Waterproofer Spray

For additional protection after cleaning shoes, use a Skechers waterproofer spray. This protective coating helps:

  • Repel water and stains
  • Guard fabric from mud and dirt
  • Make future washings easier

Look for sprays specifically for use on shoes. Some options are Skechers Premium Water Proofer or Jason Markk Repel. Always apply the spray coating outdoors and let fully dry. Reapply every few months for continued protection.

The waterproof treatment is useful for preventing everyday dirt on Bobs shoes between cleanings. But it’s still important to periodically machine wash shoes to keep them fresh and disinfect.

Cleaning Other Parts of Bobs Shoes

Don’t forget to clean lace areas and rubber soles too for complete cleaning.

To clean Bobs shoe laces:

  • Remove laces and machine wash separately from shoes.
  • Wash with mild detergent in a garment bag on a gentle cycle.
  • Air dry laces completely before rethreading shoes.

For the rubber sole:

  • Mix mild soap and warm water and scrub dirty soles with a small brush.
  • Rinse soles well before drying shoes.

These extra steps help remove grime in hard-to-reach areas for a complete shoe cleaning inside and out.

FAQs About Washing Bobs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about washing Bob’s shoes:

Can all Bobs shoes be machine-washed?

No, only Bobs made from fabric materials labeled “machine washable” can go in the washing machine safely. Faux leather, suede, and regular leather Bobs cannot.

How often should you wash Bobs shoes?

Plan to wash fabric Bobs shoes every 2-3 months or whenever visibly dirty. Washing helps sanitize insoles and removes odors too.

Should Bobs be air-dried or machine-dried?

Always air dry only. Putting damp Bob’s shoes in the dryer risks heat damage.

Can I put my Bobs shoes in the washer and dryer?

You can put machine washable Bobs in the washing machine but never the dryer. Dry using air only.

Is it OK to wash Bobs shoes in hot water?

No, only use cold water to avoid damaging fabrics. Hot water can cause dyes to bleed and fade colors.

In Conclusion

So in summary – most fabric Bobs shoes labeled machine washable can safely go in the washing machine to clean. But when it comes to the dryer, avoid heat drying your Bobs at all costs.

Be sure to always air dry Bobs shoes fully after washing. Never machine-dry them. Stuffing damp shoes helps maintain shape and speed evaporation.

Taking the time to properly hand wash or machine wash Bobs preserves longevity and keeps your shoes looking like new for longer. Pair with a protective spray coating and regular cleaning for casual footwear you can enjoy for seasons to come!

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