Can You Wash Bobs Shoes in the Washing Machine The Complete Guide

Can You Wash Bobs Shoes in the Washing Machine? The Complete Guide

Are you wondering if can you wash Bobs shoes in the washing machine? As the popular Skechers brand, Bob’s shoes are known for their comfort and style. However, keeping them clean can be a chore.

Washing shoes in the washing machine seems convenient, but is it safe for all types of Bob’s shoes? Will the washing machine damage or discolor them? This complete guide will cover everything you need to know about washing Bob’s shoes in the washing machine.

An Introduction to Bob’s Shoes

Bob’s by Skechers is a line of casual shoes known for their comfort and versatility. The shoes are designed to be worn for activities like walking, travel, and all-day wear. Some of the key things to know about Bob’s shoes include:

  • Materials Used – Most Bob’s shoes are made of canvas, textile, or suede materials. Some designs incorporate Skechers Memory Foam insoles.
  • Casual Styles – Bob’s offers slip-on flats and loafers as well as lace-up sneakers and oxfords. The shoes lean towards casual and comfortable.
  • Machine Washable – Some Bob’s shoes are labeled as machine washable. However, not all materials and styles can withstand the washing machine.
  • Odor Control – The shoes are designed to be worn without socks. As a result, odor control is important.

Now that you know the basics about Bob’s shoes, let’s dive into the details of washing them in the washing machine.

Can You Wash Bobs Shoes in the Washing Machine?

The short answer is yes, you can put some Bob’s shoes in the washing machine. However, there are a lot of factors to consider first:

  • Check Labels – If the shoes have a tag that says “machine washable,” then you can wash them in the machine. Don’t machine wash any shoes without this label.
  • Materials – Canvas Bob’s shoes can generally handle the washing machine, but suede and leather cannot.
  • Construction – Delicate shoes may fall apart in the washing machine, even if the materials are durable. Glued or stitched elements may fail.
  • Color – Bright-dyed shoes and whites are prone to discoloration and fading in the washing machine.

Ultimately, the machine washability depends on the specific style of Bob’s shoes. Let’s take a closer look at how to wash different types of Bob’s shoes.

How to Clean Canvas Bob’s Shoes

Canvas shoes with rubber toes and outer soles can safely go in the washing machine as long as they are labeled machine washable. Here are some tips for washing canvas Bob’s shoes:

Turn shoes upside down –

 The shoes will get cleaner if you place them upside down in the washing machine. Dirt and debris fall out instead of getting pushed in.

Use a wash bag – 

Placing the shoes in a pillowcase, mesh bag, or laundry bag protects the washing machine from marks or residue.

Wash on delicate cycle –

Use cold water on the delicate or gentle cycle setting to avoid damage.

Air dry shoes –

 Machine drying can shrink or warp canvas shoes. Allow them to air dry instead.

Follow any special washing instructions on the product tag as well. Using this gentle cleaning method keeps canvas Bob’s shoes looking like new.

Can You Put Leather Bob’s Shoes in the Washer?

No, genuine leather and suede Bob’s shoes should not go in the washing machine. The agitation and moisture risk changing the texture and shape permanently.

Here is the proper way to clean leather or suede Bob’s shoes:

  • Remove dirt – Use a suede brush, towel, or soft cloth to brush debris from the shoes. Make sure to get into creases and seams.
  • Create a cleaning solution – Mix together warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Avoid detergents.
  • Spot clean stains – Use a clean cloth or soft brush dipped in the solution to spot treat any stains or discoloration.
  • Rinse with clean cloth – Wipe down the shoes with a fresh damp cloth to remove residue and suds.
  • Stuff shoes to dry – Stuff shoes with paper or towels so they hold their shape as they dry. Let them air dry completely.
  • Use protector spray – Once dry, spray leather or suede shoes with a waterproofer to guard against future stains.

With this gentle cleaning method, you can keep all types of Bob’s shoes looking great. Harsher washing can lead to cracked leather or discolored suede. Play it safe by hand washing.

Washing Machine Tips for Bob’s Shoes

If you do decide to wash eligible Bob’s shoes in the washing machine, follow these tips:

  • Read the tag – Check the product tag each time before washing. Follow any special instructions listed.
  • Turn shoes over – Flipping the shoes over helps water flow out of them rather than pooling inside.
  • Use a bag – Putting the shoes in a pillowcase or mesh bag protects the machine from marks.
  • Wash alone – Don’t add clothes or other items, which could damage the shoes.
  • Delicate cycle – Choose a delicate, gentle, or hand-wash cycle with cold water.
  • Low spin speed – Opt for the lowest spin speed or no spin to reduce stress on shoes.
  • Lay flat to dry – Always air dry Bob’s shoes naturally rather than machine drying them.

These best practices make washing machine cleaning safe for shoes that can handle it. Now let’s go over how to dry Bob’s shoes after washing them.

How to Dry Bob’s Shoes after Washing

It’s important not to put your Bob’s shoes in the dryer after washing them. High heat can damage shoes by warping glues, causing cracks, or shrinking materials.

Here are some tips for properly air drying washed Bob’s shoes:

  • Remove laces and insoles – Take out anything removable so the insides dry too.
  • Stuff with towels – Place towels or paper inside to help shoes retain their shape.
  • Air dry away from heat – Find a shaded, dry spot at room temperature out of direct sunlight.
  • Position upside down – Flipping shoes over allows moisture to drain out as gravity pulls it down.
  • Dry 24-48 hours – Give shoes 1-2 days to fully air dry before wearing again. Test that the insides are dry too.
  • Consider refresh sprays – For shoes prone to odor, use a shoe refresh spray after drying.

With slower, safer air drying, you can keep Bob’s shoes like new for longer. Never machine dry shoes or dry them too fast after washing. The gradual process is worth the wait.

Washing Machine Risks for Bob’s Shoes

While the washing machine works well for some Bob’s styles, there are some risks to machine washing shoes. To avoid damage, do not machine wash Bob’s shoes if:

  • The shoes are not labeled machine washable
  • The materials could warp, discolor or bleed dye
  • Glues or stitching could fail leading to damage
  • Insoles, padding or bottoms could separate
  • Leather, suede, wool, or delicate materials are used

Always hand wash shoes made with these materials or construction methods. The washing machine environment is just too harsh.

For eligible shoes, reduce risks by using wash bags, gentle cycles, cold water, and low spin speeds. But when in doubt, go for a gentle hand wash instead.

Bob’s Shoes Cleaning Tips

To get the longest life and best look out of Bob’s shoes, implement these general care and cleaning tips:

  • Brush shoes off – Regularly use a shoe brush to remove dirt and debris. Pay extra attention to the creases along toe caps and sides.
  • Wash rarely – Only wash Bob’s when visibly dirty or smelly. Frequent washing wears down materials faster.
  • Check the insoles – Take out the insoles and wash separately if especially dirty. Let them fully air dry before replacing in shoes.
  • Use odor eliminators – Because you wear Bob’s without socks, use sprays or insole powders to keep foot odor at bay.
  • Stain treat – For canvas Bob’s, spot treat fresh stains with gentle dish soap and a toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Store properly – Keep Bob’s out of direct sunlight and away from heat to avoid warping or shrinking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Washing Bob’s Shoes

Can you put any Bob’s shoes in the washing machine?

No, only canvas or other machine-washable Bob’s shoes can go in the washing machine. Check product labels before machine washing.

Should you put Bob’s shoes in the dryer after washing?

Never put Bob’s shoes of any kind in the dryer, even after machine washing. Always let them air dry fully which takes 24-48 hours.

How do you wash Bob’s slip-on shoes?

Check if your Bob’s loafers or slip-ons have a machine washable label first. If so, use a wash bag and gentle cycle, then air dry. If not labeled for the washer, spot clean by hand instead.

Why do my Bob’s shoes smell bad?

Since you wear Bob’s without socks, bacteria from sweat build up causing shoe odors. Use antimicrobial insole powders, UV shoe sanitizers, or deodorizing sprays to remove smells between wears.

What happens if you put suede Bob’s in the washer?

Suede Bob’s should never go in the washing machine. The moisture and agitation can discolor, shrink, or felt the delicate suede. Always opt for hand-washing suede shoes.


Always check the product label first before deciding how to wash Bob’s shoes. While some styles can handle the washing machine, others require gentle hand washing instead. Minimize risks like damage or shrinking by using wash bags and proper settings. And importantly, never put Bob’s in the dryer after washing them. Implement regular care routines like brushing, odor elimination, and proper storage to keep all your Bob’s shoes looking great.

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