Can You Wash Bobs Shoes In The Washer The Complete Guide

Can You Wash Bobs Shoes In The Washer? The Complete Guide

Are you wondering can you wash Bobs shoes in the washer? Many Bob’s shoes like Skechers and TOMS are made with materials like fabric and suede that may be machine washable. However, there are some things to consider before tossing your Bob’s kicks in the wash.

In this complete guide, we will cover everything you need to know about washing Bob’s shoes in the washer. We’ll discuss:

  • What types of Bob’s shoes can go in the washing machine
  • Tips for preparing Bob’s shoes for the washer
  • How to wash Bob’s shoes properly
  • Drying and caring for Bob’s shoes after washing
  • How to wash shoes by hand if needed
  • Cleaning tips for specific materials like suede, canvas, mesh and memory foam
  • Frequently asked questions about washing Bob’s shoes

Whether your Bob’s shoes are canvas slip-ons or suede Skechers, this guide will teach you the safest way to clean them. With some care, you can keep your Bob’s looking fresh and new wash after wash. Let’s get started!

What Types Of Bob’s Shoes Can Be Machine Washed?

Not all Bob’s shoes are created equal when it comes to machine washing. Typically, shoes made of fabric materials like canvas and mesh can handle a gentle cycle, while shoes made with suede and leather cannot.

Here’s a breakdown of what Bob’s shoes can go in the washing machine:

Bob’s Canvas Shoes

Canvas is one of the most common fabrics used in Bob’s slip-ons, sneakers, and casual shoes. Made from cotton or cotton-blend materials, canvas tends to be sturdy enough for the washing machine.

Examples of machine-washable Bob’s canvas shoes include:

  • Bob’s Classic Canvas Slip-Ons
  • Bob’s Shoreline Slip-Ons
  • Some Bob’s sneakers with canvas/mesh uppers

Bob’s Mesh And Knit Shoes

In addition to canvas, many Bob’s shoes contain mesh paneling or knit fabric blends. These breathable materials work well for lifestyle and athletic sneakers. Mesh and knit shoes can usually handle a gentle machine wash just fine.

Some machine washable mesh/knit Bob’s:

  • Bob’s Max Keep Moving Active Sneakers
  • Bob’s Macie Mesh Slip-Ons
  • Bob’s Knit Slip-Ons

Bob’s Shoes To Avoid Washing In The Machine

While canvas and mesh Bob’s tend to withstand washing machines, some materials are too delicate for the washer’s agitation. Avoid machine washing these types of Bob’s shoes:

Suede And Nubuck Bob’s

The soft, napped texture of suede and nubuck leather makes Bob’s shoes like booties and sandals extra comfortable. However, the fibers that give the materials their plush feel can easily become damaged in the washing machine.

Bob’s shoes with suede elements that should be hand-washed include:

  • Bob’s Nomad Boots
  • Bob’s Heaven Slide Sandals
  • Bob’s Ballet Flats

Leather Bob’s

Similar to suede, the natural hide used to make leather shoes can easily wear down when machine-washed. Stick to hand washing for leather Bob’s like:

  • Bob’s Dylans Loafers
  • Bob’s Bailey Booties
  • Bob’s Work Shoes

Bob’s With Memory Foam Insoles

Many Bob’s shoes contain memory foam cushioning for superior comfort. However, memory foam tends to be delicate and can break down over time with repeated machine washing and drying.

Bob’s styles with foam insoles best washed by hand include:

  • Bob’s Max Heaven Memory Foam Sneakers
  • Bob’s Traveler Walking Shoes
  • Bob’s Arilyn Slip-resistant Work Shoes

Now that you know what types of Bob’s shoes can and can’t be machine washed, let’s go over how to safely prep and wash your Bob’s shoes.

Preparing Bob’s Shoes For The Washing Machine

Properly preparing your Bob’s shoes before washing can help protect the shoes in the machine. Here are some tips:

Remove The Insoles

If possible, remove any insoles from the shoes prior to washing. This prevents excess water from being trapped underneath. Let any foam insoles air dry separately from the shoes as well to prevent moisture damage.

Shake Out Excess Dirt

Give your Bob’s a good shake outdoors before washing to remove any loose dirt or debris. This will prevent the dirt from circulating in the wash water.

Protect With A Laundry Bag

Place your Bob’s inside a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag before washing. This prevents the shoes from banging against the machine drum too aggressively.

Zip And Button Closures

Secure any zippers, buttons or hooked closures on sneakers so they don’t snag on other laundry.

Turn The Shoes Inside Out

Flip your shoes inside out prior to washing whenever possible. This helps thoroughly clean dirt trapped inside the shoes while preventing the materials that touch your feet from wearing down.

Pre-Treat Stains

If your Bob’s have mud or grime buildup, pre-treat any tough stains with a small amount of laundry detergent or stain remover before washing. This helps lift stains in the wash.

How To Machine Wash Bob’s Shoes

Once you’ve prepped your Bob’s shoes for washing using the tips above, follow these steps to wash them:

1. Select A Gentle Cycle

Choose the gentle or delicate cycle on your washing machine, if possible. The slower agitation is less likely to be harsh on shoes.

2. Wash With Cold Water

Wash your Bob’s shoes using only cold water. Hot water can cause sensitive materials like suede, canvas, and mesh to shrink or warp.

3. Use A Mild Detergent

Forget the heavy-duty detergents! A gentle, high-efficiency liquid detergent or mild soap prevents material damage.

4. Air Dry Shoes

While you can put some Bob’s in the dryer on low, air drying is the safest way to dry shoes after washing. We’ll go over-drying methods next.

Follow these gentle machine washing rules, and your Bob’s shoes should come out fresh, clean and undamaged!

How To Dry Bob’s Shoes After Washing

Drying your shoes properly after washing is just as important as the washing process itself. Here is how to dry washed Bob’s shoes:

Air Dry Them

Air drying allows shoes to dry slowly at room temperature without heat damage from a dryer. Stuff shoes with crumpled newspaper or scrap cloth to help absorb moisture faster. Let them dry for 24-48 hours.

Sun Dry For Freshness

If possible, drying washed shoes in direct sunlight helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Just don’t leave them in bright sunlight too long to prevent fading.

Use A Fan

Place washed Bob’s shoes in front of a circulating fan on low speed. The gentle airflow will cut down on drying time.

Dryer On No Heat/Air Fluff

If air drying takes too long, you can put some Bob’s shoes in the dryer on air fluff or no heat mode. Check them frequently to prevent heat damage. Avoid putting shoes with foam in the dryer.

Avoid Direct Heat

Do not use high heat settings to dry shoes, as materials may shrink, warp or melt. Stick to low or no heat only.

Allowing your washed shoes to air dry fully before wearing them again retains their shape and comfort best.

Caring For Bob’s Shoes After Washing

To keep Bob’s shoes looking their best wash after wash, be sure to:

  • Apply waterproofing sprays – Spray fabric shoes with a waterproof protector to prevent future stains. Use a suede protector on Nubuck Bob’s.
  • Deodorize with baking soda – Sprinkle baking soda in shoes overnight to absorb odors between wears.
  • Stuff with paper – Stuff-washed shoes with scrap paper while drying and during storage to retain shape.
  • Check for wear – Inspect leather and suede Bob’s after washing and use filler products if needed on creases or scratches.
  • Disinfect insoles – Allow any memory foam or fabric insoles to air dry fully before replacing in shoes to prevent bacteria buildup.

Proper post-wash care keeps your Bob’s shoes clean, protected and ready for many more wears.

Next, let’s go over how to wash Bob’s that aren’t machine washable.

How To Hand Wash Bob’s Shoes

For Bob’s made with suede, nubuck, leather or memory foam, machine washing risks damage. Instead, hand wash using these simple steps:

1. Remove Laces And Insoles

As with machine washing, start by removing shoelaces and insoles from the shoes if possible before washing.

2. Create Suds

In a sink or tub filled with cool water, create a sudsy wash solution by mixing a small amount of delicate laundry detergent, mild soap or saddle soap.

3. Clean With A Soft Brush

Use a soft bristle shoe brush or toothbrush to gently scrub the soapy solution onto stained or dirty areas of the shoes.

4. Rinse Well

Once shoes are cleaned, drain the wash water and rinse the shoes thoroughly under cool running water. Blot dry with a soft towel.

5. Air Dry

Stuff shoes with scrap cloth to absorb excess moisture. Allow to fully air dry out of direct sunlight before wearing again.

By hand washing delicate Bob’s cautiously using this process, you can safely clean them without risk of damage from machine washing.

Material-Specific Cleaning Tips For Bob’s

Certain materials used to construct Bob’s require some special care when washing. Follow these cleaning tips for specific shoe types:

Washing Canvas Bob’s

  • Machine wash canvas Bob’s inside out
  • Use a laundry bag to protect shoes
  • Air dry out of sunlight
  • Apply canvas protectant spray after drying

Cleaning Mesh And Knit Bob’s

  • Hand wash only for shoes with glued-on mesh
  • Use mild soap, rinse thoroughly
  • Dry flat away from heat to prevent shrinkage
  • Check knit material carefully for snags or pulls after washing

Caring For Suede And Nubuck Bob’s

  • Spot clean stains on suede/nubuck shoes
  • Use suede brush and suede cleaner/conditioner
  • Rinse suede thoroughly after hand washing
  • Always air dry suede shoes fully
  • Apply waterproofing spray after washing

Washing Bob’s With Memory Foam

  • Remove memory foam insoles and air dry separately
  • Hand wash shoes in cool water only
  • Stuff shoes to retain shape as they dry
  • Allow 48 hours for foam insoles to completely dry before reinserting

Keeping these tips in mind as you clean will help your Bob’s shoes last for many comfortable wears.

FAQs: Can You Wash Bobs Shoes in the Washer

Still have some questions about safely washing your Bob’s kicks? Here are answers to some common FAQs:

Can All Bob’s Shoes Be Machine Washed?

No. While some canvas and mesh Bob’s can withstand machine washing, suede/leather styles and shoes with memory foam cushioning should be hand-washed to prevent damage.

How Should I Dry My Bob’s After Washing Them?

Air drying Bob’s shoes naturally away from direct sun or heat is best to prevent materials from shrinking or distorting. Stuff shoes with cloth while drying to retain shape.

How Do I Wash Mud Or Grime Off My Bob’s?

Pre-treat badly soiled shoes using a small amount of laundry detergent or stain remover before washing. Allow the solution to soak in for 15-30 minutes before washing by machine or by hand in sudsy water. The enzymes in detergents help lift organic stains.

What Is The Best Way To Deodorize My Bob’s Shoes?

Sprinkling baking soda directly into stinky shoes helps absorb odors naturally overnight. Adding a teaspoon in each shoe draws out smells from moisture and bacteria buildup.

How Can I Prevent Bob’s Shoes From Getting Dirty Fast After Washing Them?

Spray your freshly cleaned Bob’s with a waterproofing protectant spray appropriate for the shoe material. Suede and leather protector sprays add a barrier against future dirt and stains.

And there you have it – everything you could need to know about washing Bob’s shoes safely and effectively. With a little TLC, your Bob’s canvas sneakers, suede booties, and memory foam sandals can stay stylish and fresh.

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