Can You Wash Pee Clothes with Other Clothes A Step-by-Step Guide

Can You Wash Pee Clothes with Other Clothes? A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to wash clothes stained with urine alongside the rest of your laundry? Accidents happen, and clothing sometimes gets soiled with pee. But is it safe or hygienic to clean urine-soaked items with other garments in the washing machine?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Can You Wash Pee Clothes with Other Clothes. We’ll cover whether urine stains can spread to other clothing, the best practices for removing urine smells and stains, and step-by-step instructions for tackling even set-in urine odors on laundry.

Why Urine Causes Persistent Stains and Odors

Before we dive into laundry best practices, it’s important to understand why urine leaves difficult stains and smells that can seem stubborn to remove.

  • Urine contains compounds like uric acid that can attract dirt and leave noticeable stains.
  • The urine also interacts with bacteria on fabric to produce strong ammonia odors that set in over time.
  • These odors and stains bond strongly to fabrics and can be tricky to fully eliminate.

So if a garment has been soaked in urine even once, whether animal or human, odor and staining will likely result.

That said, with the right techniques urine stains and smells on laundry can be conquered. So should you wash urine-soaked items alongside the rest of your clothes? Let’s discuss.

Is It Safe to Wash Urine Clothes with Other Laundry?

The short answer is yes, it is perfectly safe to wash urine-stained clothes with other laundry, though there are best practices to follow.

Washing pee clothes alongside regular clothes will not spread urine or odor to other garments. However, you’ll want to take care to fully remove stains and smells first. Here’s why:

  • Any lingering urine could redeposit on laundry during the wash cycle
  • Strong odors may cling to clothing fibers even after washing
  • Set-in stains can be difficult to fully remove in just one wash cycle

So take time to pre-treat urine stains and odors before tossing clothes in with the rest of the laundry. This will stop urine from redepositing on other items mid-wash.

Below we’ll walk through step-by-step how to tackle set-in urine stains, smells, and accidents on laundry and upholstery. Follow these best practices and you can safely wash urine-soaked items with other clothes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Urine Out of Clothes and Fabrics

When tackling urine stains and odors on laundry, follow this detailed process before washing:

Step 1: Blot Excess Liquid

  • For fresh stains, blot away as much excess urine as possible with paper towels or an absorbent cloth
  • Avoid rubbing, which can further set in urine and cause damage
  • Continue blotting from the edges in toward the center of the stain until no more liquid transfers

Step 2. Rinse Thoroughly With Cool Water

  • For fresh stains, rinse the back and front thoroughly under cool running water
  • This helps dilute and flush out remaining urine before odors set in
  • Avoid using hot water, which can set stains

Step 3. Apply Stain Remover and Let Sit

  • Pre-treat set-in stains with an enzymatic cleaner or urine stain remover
  • Enzymes in these products help break down urine compounds
  • Let the cleaner soak in for 5-10 minutes or as directed

Step 4. Wash on the Hottest Setting

  • Wash urine-soiled items separately or with other laundry using the hottest water safe for the fabric
  • Hot water helps activate stain removers to penetrate, dissolve, and rinse away urine
  • Adding vinegar or baking soda to the cycle can boost odor removal

Step 5. Switch to Cold Rinse Cycle

  • After washing on hot, always rinse with cold water
  • The sudden temperature change helps flush out more urine residue
  • Make sure no soapy residue remains either so urine won’t reabsorb

Step 6. Dry Thoroughly on High Heat

  • Tumble dry on the highest setting safe for the fabric to evaporate the remaining moisture
  • Avoid line drying, which allows urine odor to regenerate as clothes air-dry
  • Re-wash if any stain or whiff of odor remains before wearing again

Follow these steps properly before washing, and even old, set-in urine stains and odors should disappear from the laundry without redepositing other items.

Below we’ll provide some additional tips for removing urine smells and stains from specific fabric types when doing laundry…

Extra Tips for Washing Urine Out of Different Fabrics

Additional steps may be needed when washing urine odors from delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and rayon where high heat can’t be used. Here are some extra laundry tips for specific fabric types:

Cotton, Linen, and Most Fabrics

  • These fabrics can typically withstand hot washes with bleach or stain removers
  • Check garment tags and use the hottest setting allowed
  • Repeat wash cycles if needed to fully remove old or stubborn urine odors

Wool and Cashmere

  • Mix a solution of white vinegar and cool water to soak wool or cashmere for 30 minutes
  • Then wash gently by hand or in a garment bag on a cool, delicate setting
  • Lay flat to air dry to prevent shrinkage

Silk and Rayon

  • Blot excess liquid from silk or rayon without rubbing
  • Mix a mild enzymatic cleaner in cool water and let soak for 30 minutes
  • Rinse very thoroughly by hand to remove all residue
  • Dry flat and repeat washing if any odor remains

Remember: Always check garment tags for washing instructions on more delicate fabrics. When in doubt, opt for cooler temperatures and milder cleaning solutions to avoid damage.

Can You Wash Urine Out of Carpets, Furniture, and Mattresses Too?

Urine stains and odors can also affect upholstered furniture, mattresses, and carpeting. While these items can’t be washed, many of the same enzymatic cleaners and odor-removal steps apply.

Here’s how to tackle set-in pet or human urine in upholstered items:

  • Blot excess liquid immediately
  • Mix an enzymatic cleaner with warm water and spray liberally over the stain
  • Let it soak in for 10-15 minutes to dissolve urine compounds
  • Blot again and rinse thoroughly with clean water
  • Allow to air dry fully before using again

For mattresses and carpeting, an initial thorough spot cleaning is recommended. However extensive urine damage may require replacing the padding and carpet completely. Mattresses too may need to be replaced if urine has soaked deeply inside.

FAQs: Can You Wash Pee Clothes with Other Clothes

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about doing laundry when clothes get soiled with pee:

Can I wash clothes soiled with urine along with the regular laundry?

Yes, you can wash urine-stained clothes with your regular laundry after pretreating any stains and odors. Make sure no lingering smells or visible stains remain first.

Will the urine stains spread to other clothes in the wash?

No, washing urine-soiled laundry with other items will not spread stains or odor as long as clothes are thoroughly pretreated first. Any residue should be rinsed away cleanly with proper laundering.

How do you get old urine stains out of clothes that have already been washed and dried?

Re-wash clothes using an enzymatic cleaner and the hottest water safe for the fabric. Make sure to use a cold rinse cycle. Tumble dry on high heat. Repeat if stains or smells persist.

How can you get urine smell out of clothes that have already been washed but still smell?

The urine odor that remains after washing requires repeating the laundry process with an enzymatic cleaner. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water and dry on the hottest setting safe for the garment.

The Takeaway – Tackling Pesky Laundry Stains and Odors

We all have occasional urine odor and staining issues with laundry. But armed with the right techniques, even set-in urine stains can be washed away fully before tossing soiled clothes in with the regular laundry.

The key is using enzymatic cleaners to break down uric acid, washing in hot water, rinsing in cold, and drying thoroughly. Follow the steps carefully before mixing urine-soiled items with the rest of your wash.

With some diligence – and perhaps repeating wash cycles for old stains – you can eliminate all traces of pee on clothes. This will allow you to safely wash items stained with urine right along with any other laundry loads once odors have been pretreated. Just take care and patience to handle soiled garments properly on the first wash.

So next time pet accidents or potty training mishaps leave clothes smelling less-than-fresh, don’t fret! Just grab your stain remover and give each urine-stained garment the attention it needs both before and during laundering. Taking these simple precautions lets you wash even urine-soaked laundry safely with all your other clothes.

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