Is it bad luck to wash clothes on a bank holiday

Is it bad luck to wash clothes on a bank holiday

There are some old ideas about laundry and bad luck. Some people think doing laundry on special days is bad luck. They believe washing clothes on days like New Year’s or a bank holiday washes away good luck. But these are just superstitions, not real rules.

Think about it – washing machines don’t have magic powers! So don’t worry, go ahead and do your laundry whenever you need to, even on a bank holiday. Your clean clothes will bring you more joy than any superstition!

Historical Context of Superstitions

Laundry superstitions are old beliefs about washing clothes and bad luck. One common one is about washing on New Year’s Day. People used to think that washing on this fresh start day could wash away good luck for the whole year.

 Another is about washing clothes at night. There’s a superstition in some cultures that washing clothes at night brings bad luck. This belief might come from a time before science. Back then, people used stories and traditions to explain the world around them.

People back then might have thought. Doing chores in the dark was not good. Maybe it upset the spirits.

Beliefs and Superstitions

Around the world, there are some interesting superstitions about doing laundry. One common belief is that you shouldn’t wash clothes on New Year’s Day. Some people believe washing clothes on New Year’s Day washes away good luck for the whole year. Others worry it might even cause a death in the family.

Another superstition is linked to specific holidays. In some cultures, people don’t wash clothes during the first two days of Chinese New Year. This is because they believe it might upset the gods or make them unlucky with money.

Reasons Behind Superstitions

Lots of cultures have superstitions about laundry. These are like little sayings people believe will bring good or bad luck. One big one is not washing clothes on New Year’s Day. Why? People used to think washing on this special day would wash away good luck for the whole year.

Another idea is that it might “wash away” a loved one, meaning someone could get sick or even die. Of course, washing clothes won’t affect your luck or loved ones. These superstitions are like this: fun stories. People tell them to understand why things go the way they do.

Debunking Superstitions

There are many superstitions around laundry, and washing clothes on a bank holiday is one of them. Some people think washing clothes on special days, like holidays, is unlucky. They worry it might cause fights with family or even make them sick!

However, these are just superstitions and there’s no evidence to support them. Washing clothes on a bank holiday is perfectly fine and won’t cause any harm. It can be a good way to use the extra free time you might have on a bank holiday to get some chores done.

Cultural Significance and Modern Interpretation

In the past, people had many superstitions about housework on certain days. One such belief was that washing clothes on a bank holiday was bad luck. This might come from a time when people had fewer washing machines and laundry was a big chore. They wanted to dedicate bank holidays, which were rare days off, to rest and fun, not chores.

Today, these superstitions are mostly forgotten. Most people don’t hesitate to do laundry on a bank holiday. With washing machines, it’s a quick task, and there’s no reason not to do it if you need to! So, feel free to wash your clothes whenever it’s convenient for you, even on a bank holiday.

What holiday are you not supposed to wash clothes?

In many places, people have beliefs about lucky and unlucky days for laundry. These beliefs come from old traditions, not science. Here are 10 of them:

New Year’s Day

In many cultures, people have a superstition. They believe washing clothes on New Year’s Day is bad luck. It washes away good fortune or even a loved one!

Good Friday

Good Friday is a Christian holy day remembering Jesus’ death on the cross. Some people think doing laundry on Good Friday shows a lack of respect.

Chinese New Year

The first days of Chinese New Year are for relaxing and celebrating. People avoid washing clothes because it’s seen as bothering the peaceful time.


In some cultures, Thursdays are associated with bad luck for laundry.


Similar to Thursdays, Sundays are seen as a day of rest in some cultures, and laundry is discouraged.

Fridays before or after Christmas

Not many people know this, but some folks think washing clothes on certain days is unlucky.

Days of mourning

In some cultures, it’s considered disrespectful to do laundry during times of mourning.

Ghost festivals

Some cultures have festivals for ghosts. During this time, people think it’s bad to bother the ghosts by hanging laundry outside.

New moon

In some traditions, washing clothes on a new moon can bring bad luck or financial woes.

Full moon

On the other hand, some cultures think washing clothes during a full moon is lucky. So, if you skip laundry on a full moon, you might miss out on good fortune!

These are just stories people used to believe. Science doesn’t back them up. Do your laundry whenever it’s convenient for you!


In some places, folks have special ideas about laundry and holidays. For example, some believe washing clothes on New Year’s Day is bad luck. They worry it might wash away good fortune or even a loved one! This means they try to get all their laundry done before the year starts.

You can wash your clothes anytime! But there are some silly superstitions about laundry to hear about. Just remember, these are just stories, and you can wash your clothes whenever you want!

FAQs: Laundry and Bank Holiday Superstitions

Is it really bad luck to wash clothes on a bank holiday?

There’s no scientific evidence to support this superstition. It likely stems from older traditions and beliefs, but ultimately, washing clothes on a bank holiday is perfectly fine.

Where does this superstition come from?

Similar superstitions exist around washing clothes on other specific days. Some believe it washes away good fortune or disrupts the peace of a religious holiday. There’s no single source, but it’s likely a combination of folklore and cultural traditions.

Are there any bank holidays where washing clothes is particularly discouraged?

In some cultures, washing clothes on Good Friday is considered disrespectful due to the religious significance of the day. However, this is mainly a tradition and not a widely held belief.

Should I avoid washing clothes on a bank holiday if I believe in the bad luck superstition?

It’s entirely up to you! If it brings you peace of mind to wait another day, then do so. But there’s no harm in washing your clothes if you don’t subscribe to the superstition.

What are some alternatives if I don’t want to wash clothes on a bank holiday?

Can you plan your laundry for another day? Perhaps enjoy the bank holiday for relaxation and get to the laundry the next day. After all, clean clothes are important, and a fresh start (pun intended) might be just what you need!

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